Michael J Perrotta

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Private Guitar Lessons and Bass Lessons  in the Three Village | East Setauket | Stony Brook Area. Lessons customized for each individual's needs and goals. Free First Lesson!

Currently accepting students for in person, as well as FaceTime/Skype lessons. contact me for scheduling and availability.


In Person Lessons

Over the past decade, I have built a teaching method which ensures that each of my students will learn how to become proficient at playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or bass, in various genres and settings. Each of my students are trained to become independent musicians who are capable of learning how to play songs on their own, create music, improvise with others, and become experts in their preferred musical styles. Whether the goal is playing in a touring band, writing and performing locally, or just playing at home, I teach an individualized and evolving curriculum, based on the current interests and growth of each student. For some, it's a traditional path of reading standard notation and studying scales and familiar pieces. For others, it’s playing entirely by ear and reading guitar tablature; or anything in between. No matter what your goals, I will make sure that you are getting the most out of your lessons and practice time to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Everything we do in lessons has a practical application. If we work on scales, they will be applied to improvising and songwriting in a very direct way. If we work on reading more complex rhythms it will be because you expressed a desire to learn to play a style of music that requires that knowledge. Everything has a purpose; I don't waste time teaching you something you won't use. If you study with me for years, as many students have, then eventually we will cover all facets of guitar playing and music in general, but the important thing from the start is to get you playing full songs - note for note - in the style of your choice.


Facetime/Skype Lessons

I also offer 20 minute – 3x/week FaceTime/Skype lessons. This can be done anywhere, and I even have many students who do their lessons this way from their office at work. I developed this program in response to two obvious needs that weren’t being met: 1) More frequent reinforcement of study material, and 2) people feeling like they were too busy to practice regularly. The results have been impressive, to say the least. The concept is that these focused, short sessions, will each lead to a noticeable improvement in one specific skill. By the end of the week, the difference in that skill will be massive. There is no requirement to practice outside of these sessions. Your progress will likely be better than if you put double the amount of time in by yourself, since no time is wasted, and I’m there making sure you’re practicing exactly what you need to be. When your practice is at such a high efficiency level, progress becomes exponential.

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