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Private Guitar Lessons and Bass Lessons  in the Three Village | East Setauket | Stony Brook Area. Lessons customized for each individual's needs and goals. Free First Lesson!

Music Production lessons

“Learn to create and produce original music in any style on your PC or Mac while also learning the fundamentals of music.”

  • Compose original music

  • Study All styles, from Film Scores to Pop, Indie, EDM and Hip Hop, and everything in between

  • Learn to Record, Mix, and Master

  • Develop a fast, efficient workflow

  • Become fluent in

    • Logic

    • Maschine

    • Reaper

    • Ableton Live

    • Pro Tools

    • Reason

    • or the DAW of your choice

  • Learn to use hardware for a more hands on approach to composing, such as

    • keyboards

    • Linnstrument

    • Seaboard

    • Maschine

    • Push

    • pedals

    • classic outboard gear



Study music just like you would in typical instrument lessons, one on one with an experienced teacher, but rather than a guitar or piano, you're making music on your laptop, tablet, or other device. The main focus during these lessons is to create music, in the styles you like, using everything current technology has to offer.

You will learn how to compose, record, mix, and master, using synths, samples, loops, MIDI, OSC, virtual instruments, real instruments, and effects. You will also learn about fundamentals such as music theory, rhythm, and basic keyboard playing, in addition to more advanced concepts like room acoustics, monitoring, and even how the gear you use is built.

Lessons are held at my recording studio in East Setauket, or through one on one live online lessons using Soundtrap. With a curriculum based on your individual goals and learning style, I will make sure that you are getting the most out of your lessons and achieve results as quickly as possible.

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