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Private Guitar Lessons and Bass Lessons  in the Three Village | East Setauket | Stony Brook Area. Lessons customized for each individual's needs and goals. Free First Lesson!

Offering a New Approach to Lessons…

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About Michael,

Michael J Perrotta is a performing and session musician, composer, producer, and audio engineer; he also has extensive experience teaching and consulting in all of these fields. He has worked with a number of artists on both the local and international level, developing their songs, writing original compositions, and taking on the role of musical director for their live bands. In addition to rock, metal, funk, pop, electronic, hip hop, and other contemporary styles, Michael is experienced in classical composition and arrangement, and has composed for film. He is well versed in studio, and mobile/location recording, and has a very deep understanding of music software, MIDI implementation, sound design, studio designing, and acoustics.

More About What I Offer….

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